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Unsolemn Rituals

Amélie Barnathan

Lives and works at London

Born 28/02/1991


204-2016 : Master of Arts at Royal College of Art, London in Visual Communication


Amélie Barnathan is an illustrator living in London, whose body of work spans illustration, fine art and printmaking. The foundation for her work stems from her obsessive relationship with drawing, particularly for its intimacy and very direct relationship with the mind, ultimately aiming to re-evaluate the importance and meaning of this medium within the rapid visual culture afforded to us by the digital age. She likes to draw hugely expressive and complicated pictures and creates intricate visuals with a strong sense of narrative, inspired by many sources such as the sublime and the grotesque. Amélie’s drawings traverse the historical to mythical through dreams and nightmares. She is invested in creating new, alternative and absurd universes, fuelled by historical and contemporary references through personal fantasies and desires.

Tina Prize - Roma Artists Tina Prize - Berlin Artists Tina Prize - Bercelona Artists